It is specifically designed for dismounted operations, offering both voice and data communications with command and control (C2) applications, seamlessly connecting to a variety of sensors.The system also features integral counter-countermeasures (ICCM) and communication security (COMSEC) supporting operational networks for Special Forces operating on ad-hoc networks.

The new radio provides real-time situational awareness on-the-move, multi hop ad-hoc networking and advanced routing supporting hundreds of users in a network. Multi Band Software Defined Radios are designed to support commanders at the platoon level, communicating over both narrowband (NBWF) and wideband (WBWF) waveforms.

Communication on the move

Communications On-The-Move (COTM) units, provide total radio and telephone interoperability anywhere. Whether you’re at the office, on the road, or in the field, the COTM delivers instant cross-communication capabilities that are customizable according to operational needs. The COTM unit can be plugged into a 12V accessory socket for power, and is an excellent alternative to Mobile Command Centers.

Weatherproof external connectors make the COTM ideal for adverse weather conditions and extreme work environments. The COTM provides complete intercommunication capabilities and customizable functions—yet it is highly portable. Natural disaster response, search & rescue, Airports, Railway & Transportation, Exploration, Mining and active-shooter situations are just a few of the contexts the COTM can support with supplemental components and modifications.