Vehicle Mounted

Vehicle-Mounted Very High-Powered Convoy Bomb Jammer, designed for blocking remote controlled improvised explosive devices used by terrorists. Jaming all signals transmitted to activate bombs. The unit is controlled by a unique Microprocessor and a unique modulation technique based on a mixed signal for Maximum Jamming efficiency. It transmits a unique noise signal, which creates a firewall between the transmitter and its receiver. The jamming signal is being generated by Multi-VCO chain which results in very high sweeping time along the bands hence creates High RF density in each part of protected frequency band. System modularity allows flexible usage in different applications. The system uses Broadband Omni-Directional antennas for 360º protection.

Foot Columns

It is a lightweight ManPack Portable Tactical Jammer based on DDS Technology, allowing any user to create programmable, open communication windows. It has been designed to neutralize RF and Cellular Communication used by terrorist to activate IED, during special unit´s activity in the field. Programming is easily done by connecting to a laptop, equipped with a configuration software. It transmits unique white noise signal, composed by digital and analog sources which cuts off RF communications at HF/VHF and UHF bands, protecting against RCIED detonated remotely by Cellular or WiFi networks. The protection area is 360 degree around the troop, as the unit supplied with omni-directional Antennas, and can be supplied with high quality Lithium-Polymer Batteries, which provides up to 2 hours of continuous operation.